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Wild Edible Mushrooms
Tip and Recipes for Every Mushroom Hunter

Hope Miller has just released her new Mushroom Cookbook!





When we started to collect, dry and preserve the edibles, I needed recipes.  Every time we went to visit friends and colleagues they wanted to show off their favorites.  I am indebted to them for allowing me to use their recipes in my cookbook.  Although Hope’s Mushroom Cookbook is now out of print, many of the best recipes from that collection have been included in this book. See more here »




We have made the study of mushrooms (mycology) our life’s work and we’d like to introduce you to a few of the more intriguing ones.


The world is home to thousands of different types of mushrooms – some edible, some outrageously interesting and some downright poisonous.


Some of the more interesting mushrooms are Cyathus; a mushroom that looks like a bird's nest with tiny eggs in it. Dictyophera indusiata v. lutescens; which sports a beautiful filigreed 'skirt' that drapes below the fruiting body and can grow to a height of 12 inches above the forest floor.

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Cyathus; a mushroom that looks like a bird's nest
with tiny eggs in it

And Laternia triscapa; a particularly attention-grabbing mushroom that has spores suspended under its arches like a lantern and puts out a fragrance to attract insects that humans find rather disagreeable. There is no end to the diversity and interesting characteristics of mushrooms.


There are numerous edible mushrooms, both commercially grown and wild, that are a tasty and healthful addition to cooking. You’ve probably heard of shitake mushrooms, truffles and morels featured in expensive cuisine but did you know that mushrooms are also loaded with vitamins and minerals?


Not all mushrooms are edible, however, and it is always best to be extremely cautious when selecting wild mushrooms for the dinner table.


Mushrooms - They'll Thrill Ya - and They'll Kill Ya!


Hope Miller is selling all of Orson's Shelved Books, Reference Books, Journals, Thesis and Books Written by Orson Himself.  For a complete list see the link below:


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