Cooking Mushrooms On The BBQ

Although mushrooms are served in almost all restaurants, very few people know how to prepare them at home. As such, they may over or under-cook the mushrooms diminishing their value to the body and leaving the guests with horrible tastes in their mouths. One of the easiest ways to prepare mushrooms is to grill them. We look at how you prepare the mushrooms and how to grill them perfectly.

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While some people may marinate the mushrooms before cooking them over BBQ Charcoal, there are those that may prefer to sprinkle the seasoning as they cook them. The ingredients you require depend on the desired end result. However, you should ensure that you have basic seasoning ingredients such as salt, black pepper, BBQ sauce and butter. You will also require aluminium foil and Charcoal.


Check your mushrooms to ensure that they are fresh before you embark on preparing them. Fresh mushrooms are the most delicious and are preferred for grilling. Due to their high moisture content, they remain moist even after they are grilled. To ensure that the mushrooms are clean, you can either brush the dirt off or clean them in water just before you cook them. Some people argue that mushrooms should not be cleaned in water but doing so just before you cook them doesn't harm them. You can then marinate them in your preferred ingredients for around thirty minutes to one hour.

Preparing the grill

As your mushrooms marinate, you can prepare the grill. Put in just enough BBQ charcoal to avoid wastage. This also prevents situations where you have too much heat, thereby ruining your dish. The grill should be cleaned beforehand to prevent the transfer of juices from foods you had grilled previously to your mushrooms.

Grilling the mushrooms

Place your marinated mushrooms in a foil. Depending on the quantity, you can subdivide them into smaller portions. This reduces the time required to grill them and ensures that all the pieces are well cooked. Place the mushrooms on the grill and wait for around ten minutes. Turn them to ensure that both sides are evenly cooked and wait for another 10 minutes. Check if the mushrooms are tender before you can remove them from the grill.


You can now serve the mushrooms while they are still warm. Presentation is key especially when you have guests and therefore you should arrange them in a creative and neat manner on the plates.